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We don’t need less technology,
we need better technology.

We deserve products with intelligence,
That know us intimately but protect our privacy.
That can automate the monotonous,
So we can take back the spontaneous.

We deserve devices that force us to look up,
To connect with people rather than touch screens.

We need fewer blue lights in our beds
That steal time from pillow-talk.
We need videos that spark interactions rather than autoplays,
That accelerate serendipity rather than startups.

We need to recognize the moment that our devices stop empowering us,
But start pulling us back in.

Reverse the magnetism of little red dots,
Shake the fear of phantom vibrations,
Try airplane mode while you’re on the ground.

We want to create technology that is boldly clever,
That finds subtle ways to give back moments,
That respects our desire to be present,

And knows when to put the beautiful before the fastest.

We want technology that is ubiquitous,
That learns, and understands, and speaks, and listens,
We want technology that can disappear.